Monday, February 28, 2011

Travis' First Area in Chile

Just got Travis' first letter from Chile.  He is in the city of Tome and he is right on the coast.  He says that it is absolutely beautiful.  Just some of his highlights are: "I'm in a city called Tome which is right on the beach and i love it, i look at the ocean everyday. our sector though is called Tome alto so we are at the top of the bluffs and we have the best view in all of chile, it really is beautiful and i couldnt have picked a better area to be in. Its weird. the place where we live is called "los bloques" or "the blocks" in english, and let me just tell you that this place is straight up african style haha but its fun. the buildings look exactly like the projects in america but with no cement, just dirt and i have to basically crawl up the stairs cuz im so tall here. but its fun. chile is a different world. here is some things about it: theres 10 billion dogs running everywhere, theres dirt everywhere and it sticks to everything, theres an earthquake basically everyday, ive been here 6 days and had 5 earthquakes (most of them small), the bus drivers are crazy and we ride buses everywhere, everyone listens to american music which is funny".
                                                    City of Tome
He continues: "There is a ton of destruction here from last years earthquake and tsunami so we do alot of service helping people move or builing houses or what not some days. yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the quake and everyone was afraid of another one and we were at a members house last night and an earthquake happened and everyone was so scared, it was only a 5.0 though so nothing big. but little earthquakes happen all the time here.

"Chile is alot different than the united states to say the least. people here are so poor its crazy, ive never seen carpet yet here and they say i never will but this place looks better and better everyday, by the time i come im going to think the u.s. is like another planet. i love it here though. there is dirst soccer fields every where and we play with the kids in the mornings sometimes. oh ya theres also just about 6 trillion kids here too, its insane, they all just play in the dirty streets and ride little bikes around, they are so cute though. some days we will walk out of our apartment and there will be 10 little kids waiting for us and asking us for pass along cards, chileans love pictures of jesus and pamphlets of the church and all that. its super cool in my city and i love it."
He loves it!!!  I am so grateful that he is having a great experience in Chile and loving the country and the people.  But...all those earthquakes scare me!  It is great to have a missionary.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Nest is Getting Smaller...

So this is my feeble attempt at starting our family blog and I know it will pale in comparison to Brittney's well written blogspot.  2011 has proved to be a lot more quiet for The Conley Crew.  We have moved from our house in wine country last year to a home that is half the size.  It is a cozy home with a condo like backyard.  And we are loving it!  Phil does not spend all his time in the backyard so we get to see him on the weekends and I'm sure his back appreciates it as well. 

Brittney and Jesse are in Provo as Brittney is working and Jesse is going to school and still manages to work.  They are in a busy time of life and enjoying every minute of it.  We are so proud of them and miss them.

Travis left for a mission to Chile on December 15,2010.  He is loving his mission and he has grown spiritually so much already.  He is a great example to us.  We miss him terribly but know he is where he should be.

                                   Travis with his mission president

Paige is now at BYU-Idaho.  She graduated from high school in December and is now enjoying her first semester in college.  She definitely had an adjustment with the weather, but all in all she is enjoying her independence and hopefully getting good grades!

So that leaves PJ at home with us.  PJ is in his sophomore year in high school and just finished the season in basketball.  They had a great year at Great Oak High School coming in 1st place.  PJ is now busy with track, friends, xbox and biking.  He just got his permit so he will be driving soon.  He turns 16 this month and I can't believe my baby is driving and dating.

Phil has been working hard (as always) and managing his five offices along with weekend oncall.  He never stops and he is much appreciated. 

I have been kept busy between real estate, seminary and family.  Life is great and we are so blessed to have our family and friends to share it with.